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We make immersive, transformational hypnosis recordings.

Every one of our sessions is produced using the latest aural technology by experienced sound designers in order to bring you a truly hypnotic experience. Fall into the deepest state of hypnosis so that the positive suggestions are able to have a lasting effect. Reprogram the way that you view, feel, and react to situations for the better.

We understand that the internet is a big place and that there may be other hypnosis recording options to choose from. That is why we have gone far beyond their typical boring and monotonous sound. By implementing sophisticated music and sound effect layering, binaural sound engineering and compelling imagery and suggestions, our recordings are designed to help you become completely immersed in your hypnotic journey!

Recommended Use: We recommend that you listen to our hypnosis recordings at least 4 times per week for 4 weeks, and then listen at any time that you feel that you need an extra boost.

Warning: Do not listen to our recordings when you need to concentrate, such as when driving or operating heavy machinery.