"I love hypnosis. It is relaxing, and always leaves you feeling refreshed."

"Your motivational recording is really relaxing and I always feel more focused and inspired after I use it."

"... your hypnosis download has made a huge difference in my motivation to exercise. I'm enthusiastic about working out now and am in better shape than ever. Thanks!"

"I am amazed at how much I am able to control my physical performance just through the visualizations of your hypnosis training."

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Increase Your Intelligence Hypnosis Download

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Increase Your Intelligence Hypnosis Download
Increase Your Intelligence Hypnosis Download

just $9.95!

Product Description
About the Increase Your Intelligence Hypnosis Download:

Do you value your intellect? Do you strive to engage and strengthen the powers of your mind? Try our Increase Your Intelligence Hypnosis Download!

The intellect is like a muscle that must be worked out and strengthened through concerted effort. But, like the muscular system, your brain/nervous system must also get adequate rest. By understanding new ways of engaging your intelligence, and developing habits that healthily enhance your mind, you can significantly increase your brain's performance.

This hypnosis download can give you the habits and techniques you need to Increase Your Intelligence. Imagine feeling sharp and insightful by fully utilizing your brain. It's all possible with the power of hypnosis.

Using the proprietary sound technology found in all our other hypnosis recordings, we have designed a hypnosis recording that will take you into a deep trance and take you on a deep journey through the depths of your mind. Once in this relaxed and open state, our recording will insert the suggestions to gain confidence in your mental abilities. You will find yourself able to focus on your mind and improve its performance. Try our Increase Your Intelligence Hypnosis Download today!

Recommended Use:

We recommend that you listen to this recording on headphones at least 4 times per week for 4 weeks, and then listen to it any time that you feel that you need an extra boost in your motivation.


As always, please never listen to this recording when you need to concentrate, such as when driving or operating heavy machinery.

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